Sunday, 18 April 2010

Help a Young Couple Set Up Their New Home

A young couple, recently married and living in Israel need our help to set up their new home. One of their fathers moved on to his eternal rest many years ago, the other father is retired and unable to assist the young couple.

Please help our Bayit Chadash Project to assist this young couple. They urgently need help for head coverings for the Kallah, a new hat for the Chatan, linnen, towels, certain basic kitchenware, basic tools such as screw drivers, spanners necessary for every Jewish home. Yes tools too are a vital part of any home in Israel. Just before Pesach their trissim needed repairs and the Mr Fixit, expected them to provide the ladder, screw driver and other tools. They did not have the tools and hence their triss went un-repaired for Pesach.

To assist this couple, donations can be sent either via the page on our website for our Wedding Project, or via the donate button below. We also accept new items to give to Chatan and Kallah. Please note, if you have something new that you do not need and is not listed above, you are welcome to donate this too, if this couple do not need it, another one probably will.

You can also assist by purchasing one of the items on the page "Gifts for Sale" listed here (click on the link). The proceeds of these items go to assist our Bayit Chadash Project.

This Bayit Chadash Project has a Haskama from Rabbi Fishel Jacobs of Kfar Chabad. If you know of other rabbis who would be willing to provide a Haskama, please be in touch. We need more Haskamot in order to be successful in helping young couples getting married or just married to start their new home in kavod and simchah.

The couples we assist are those where one or more parent has moved onto their eternal rest, the couple are Olim Chadashim without anyone to assist them, the couple are Baale Tshuva without support from their own family.

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