Monday, 2 May 2016

Living the Pesach Story - A Moving Disaster

We've moved yet again! That makes close to 45 moves for Shoshanah and for Eliyahu - already 6 major moves since marrying. But it's been the complete disruption of everything and tragedy of the events unfolding that has truly wiped us out. Our previous fundraisers have not met with success and here we are again asking for assistance to help us out of our heartbreaking story.

Our previous landlord had threatened us constantly to immediately vacate his apartment even though we always paid him in full and on time - ending up with us being forced to move the day before Pesach this year. The disruption is easy to imagine to anyone knowing how much one must do to prepare before Pesach! It was impossible to fathom his reasoning - but we knew he wanted his apartment back immediately. We had to stop everything, and do whatever it took to get us out - and fast.

While any move is stressful - the disaster at seeing the amount of items broken and missing, irreplaceable books with broken bindings and dent marks - as well as the thought of having to deal with parts of our previous apartment being broken (by the movers) when we show it to the landlord, has brought us to wondering how we can ever get a start in our new apartment. While we've always rented appliances and furniture, never having had the means to purchase our own - this new move demanded us obtaining appliances and furniture - we just don't have the means for. Yet another loan - but we haven't any idea how we will ever pay it back.

While we did our best to obtain quotes for responsible movers, the mover we chose was a smooth talker offering favour upon favour with promises for cheaper rates and an exceptional social etiquette that said he was the best, his behaviour amazed us as his attitude was so different when it came time to move. Looking at the apartment, he made one quote, yet after moving, he changed it by almost doubling the already exorbitant amount. His team packed our items in the most uncaring manner with things being thrown into boxes, stuffed away with little concern for the consequences.

Our new landlord had promised us a fridge as another type of favour to help us, but it arrived filled with the most disgusting mould one can ever hope to never see. The mover offered his own favour by selling us a faulty fridge which he explained was almost new except for a broken bottom. He offered it at an apparent 500 Shekel less the going rate. Unfortunately not only was his offer unacceptable by normal standards, but the fridge did not work at all - causing us to lose all our food by Pesach day! 

Our damages include:

2 fans missing parts
Our heater missing a part
Damaged bookshelves
Damage to some items due to a toxic fluid being incorrectly packed and spilling inside the box. Items had to be thrown out.
Broken shelves
Broken and damaged books.

By the end of the move, we realized we were charged at least 5000 Shekels more than other movers quotes would have turned out to be, and our mover could not substantiate the increase. One reason he gave was due to transporting the bridal gowns of our own charity fund, however this took a little over half an hour to be packaged and put on the truck with me assisting. According to the hourly rate of the other movers that should be some 250 or so Shekels extra, not 5000. The faulty fridge was charged to us. More than this the mover has been unable to break down the huge cost that he demanded.

Though we do have our bookshelves and beds, not having had assistance getting married as an orphan Kallah, we have lacked a dining room table and chairs. We have had to borrow in order to obtain a fridge, stove and washing machine, having no other choice in order to carry on a normal day to day life. Each of our moves has required taking out another bank loan just to try and get another start. Interest rates consume any possibility of us ever getting a start to life. We cannot get ahead with all these setbacks.

Please help us by contributing to our fundraiser in order to replace our food for Pesach, to replace the damaged items, obtain the basic appliances and furniture that every Jewish home requires and cover this unreasonably high moving bill.

Thank you for your kindness

Shoshanah Shear


  1. Shoshana, I'm the lady from the Bridal gemach in Netivot. You had my email. I want to transfer a small amount to you without a middleman getting a penny. I will also share your post and the other page for donations. May you have a great yeshua sooner than soon. Praying for you!

  2. Thank you for caring. It's nice to know that someone else doing a Bridal Gemach cares about us and our work. Our work has suffered from this move. Many of the shelves we used to put our Bayit Chadash items on are broken, yesterday we tried to assemble one to find a missing leg. Each box we unpack has something that is a problem. I've moved 43 times and never had such a disaster as this one.

    Have a blessed day




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