Sunday, 25 April 2010

Hiring Taxis in Israel (Part 2) CAUTION! Be Aware!

Though there are plenty of Israeli taxi drivers, there are also Arab drivers. Of course there's nothing wrong with getting a ride from a responsible caring driver no matter his nationality. But, if you're looking to play things safer – if you have any hesitations about the driver being Israeli or an Arab and may be worried – just let the driver know you don't need him after all. (There's no need to apologise… you're in Israel!)

The taxi company name should be listed on the cab itself. If you don't see anything in Hebrew letters – be aware! On this note, if you do get into a cab and look above the seat belt of the front seats, there should be a plaque with the cab driver's name. This can often indicate the nationality of the cab driver. 

Of course for safety precaution reasons – you will do yourself a great favour by writing down the name of the company and the taxi number as well. We will examine more about this in a future post. Keep a pen and paper ready when hiring a taxi – and make a clear note of the number of the taxi and the company that runs it. If you want to be extra special careful – write down the license plate as well. You never know when you might need this. More on this later though…

Be aware. Though there may be a general feeling of safety in Israel, there is a real war going on!

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