Monday, 18 October 2010

Job Opportunity - Creative Graphic Artist with Knowledge of Torah.

Chessed Ve'Emet are an organisation involved in acts of goodness and kindness as well as Torah outreach. You can find out more abous us on our website

We are currently in need of a graphic artist to design an attractive and meaningful logo for our organisation. We have a few of our own ideas and would like to bounce these off the person able to produce something for us. The graphic designer must have an understanding of Torah - goodness and kindness - and able to consider something that will include both these ideas.

We are also in the process of designing attractive artwork on Tzeddaka boxes, see Chessed Ve'Emet's website .

If this is your type of work and you would be able to design an attractive image encompassing our activities, please could you give us a quote for the artwork for this too.

If you are able to help and have a portfolio of your own work for us to look at beforehand and can give us a direct quote of what this would cost (before we go ahead with the design) - or you know someone competant and creative, please be in touch with Rav Eliyahu directly


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