Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Plastic Wrapping Your Luggage When Flying

In the last few months, a new practice has begun for security reasons. Prior to checking in, it is recommended to have your luggage plastic wrapped to secure it against sratches, cuts, breaks and theft, possibly a few other things too.

Many airports around the world now offer this. Certainly it is becoming more used in South Africa.

If you fly within South Africa or Internationally, you need to take your luggage to the "Protect Your Luggage" kiosk near the entrance. There is a cost per piece of luggage wrapped.

If you fly to Eretz Yisrael on ElAl, this service is free once you complete your security check. If you are concerned as to whether it is still free when you fly, please call ElAl prior to going to the airport, or simply walk across to the ElAl counters and enquire prior to having your luggage Plastic Wrapped. It takes a few minutes to walk over to the counter and enquire and can save you the money of paying to be wrapped, when ElAl currently offers this free.

Travel Safely and Welcome to Israel.

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