Monday, 1 August 2011

NEW: Customer Service at the Ministry of Health

I had occasion to call the Ministry of Health, in Israel of course, for the umteenth time in the last few weeks. I prepared myself something to do while waiting for the length of time until someone actually answers. I called the number that usually goes through to the person related to my profession and what a pleasant surprise. In only a few rings the call went to an option of Hebrew or English. I did not wait to listen further. 

2 -  For English, sounds good to me. OK, I got a Hebrew speaker but someone answered.

Yes, the Ministry of Health has a new service, a Customer Service. You get to speak to a real person very quickly and the person will pleasantly ask who you need to talk to, the nature of your need, your name, Id Number (so have it ready if you dont know it by heart) and your contact phone number, and a promise that someone will get back to you in 48 hours.

All you ahve to do to call the customer service is dial *5400.

I dont know how you get to talk to an English Speaker if you need it, perhaps just try talking in English instead of admitting you speak Hebrew. Of course if you would like to practise your Hebrew, go right ahread and enjoy the opportunity.

It has only been a few hours, so I cant yet tell you if they actually return your call after 48 hours, but so far it is a vastly improved service from calling and calling and calling and calling and waiting for the person you need to get through to.

For those wanting to learn a little Hebrew, Ministry of Health is Misrad HaBriyut or משרד הבריאות

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