Monday, 15 June 2015

Practise Your Hebrew: Turtle's Flute (Story for Children - Video in Hebrew and English)

Green Sea Turtle grazing seagrass 
By P.Lindgren (Own work)

Here is a wonderful, sweet (famous) Brazilian folktale video about a turtle who played the flute! It is made for children and the script is of an "easy" Hebrew (depending on what that would be defined as!) The video is presented in both the Hebrew version as well as the English version, so you can watch it in English too and compare to check if you've understood the Hebrew well enough.

The Hebrew text is shown on the bottom of the video so that you can follow as the narrator speaks and see the words and hear how they are pronounced. It's a great way to learn Hebrew!

If you enjoy turtle stories, check out our own book for children, "Tuvia Finds His Freedom" - a story about a "tortoise" who finds his way to freedom! It's available on a wide variety of online book stores.

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