Wednesday, 10 August 2011

New Customer Service at Misrad HaBriyut - 2

In a previous post we began to share the exciting news that Misrad HaBriyut, the Ministry of Health now has a Customer Service.

I am pleasantly surprised that the new customer service actually calls to follow up. At least they have so far.

Once again the customer service can be reached on *5400.

The hours for this service are 8 am - 6 pm Sunday to Thursday and 8 am - 1 pm on Fridays.

There is a new fax number too, which is 02 - 5655997

Try them and enjoy.

Actually, this time they even spoke to me in English and were happy to help me with the spelling of something I needed to prepare a cover letter for a fax in Hebrew.

Let us know how you progress. If you enjoyed good customer service, please let us know to encourage other Professional Olim.

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