Sunday, 6 November 2011

Important Medical Information

There are some pieces of information that are very important to know and have easily available in any home. 

When one moves countries, it is not easy to know where to turn in time of emergency. 

We hope you never have the need, but if you do or someone you know needs, here is a valuable piece of information. 

If someone swallows a problematic substance, Israel has a Centre for Poisons which is situated in Haifa. 

The contact information is as follows:  
   Israel Poisons Information Centre Rambam Medical Centre 
   PO Box 9602 Haifa 31096 
   Director: Dr Y. Bentur 
   Telephone: +972 4 854 2725 
   Emergency telephone: +972 4 854 1900 
   Fax: +972 4 854 2092 

In the event you or someone you know needs to contact this centre, have ready:
  • the name of the person who swallowed something, 
  • age of the person, 
  • how long ago, ie how much time has lapsed between swallowing the substance and calling the centre
  • what was swallowed. 

The Centre for Poisons will then provde instructions as to what to do, where to go to for treatment or if the person can be treated at home. When acting speedily, there are times the problem can be resolved just by calling to the centre. We hope you never have the need for this information, but keep it close at hand. 

When someone does a First Aide course in Israel, one of the first pieces of information provided is this telephone number to call and what information to provide. 

Keep well, stay healthy and enjoy being in Eretz Yisrael.

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