Thursday, 22 March 2018

Searching for a Crowd Fundraiser Platform in Israel

I'm needing to set up another crowd fundraiser and hence searching for a website that offers crowd fundraising for those of us who are in Israel and do not have US PayPal. Believe it or not, not all Anglos come from the US and hence, not all Anglos in Israel have a US bank account or US PayPal.

If anyone knows of a good crowd fundraising platform for an individual to use, please let me know.

What is this about? Basically, I have to move again. Yes, again. Move number 43 and I've finding this very, very hard.

To be able to find an apartment, plus another for my mother that is close by, means I need the time to research all the apartment hunting sites. I need time to make calls and go and see apartments. I need a phone that works. Our mobile phones are not working very well which means I can't call apartments or anything related to work.

I need a computer that works. More and more every morning our computer struggles to turn on. Most of our work currently is online. So we need a new computer.

I need the funds to move. The minimum quote we received was ₪5200 for the move. Plus our current landlord expects us to paint the full apartment even though the majority of the walls are perfect. The cost of painting is a few thousand shekels. On top of that, the landlord expects us to pay him the difference on the conversion from dollars to shekels of the rent we paid in Shekels at a Shekel price. Mind you, he wont re-imburse us for those times the dollar-shekel rate was in our favour and we should get something back. He only charges more, no refunds permitted. One reason why we are moving, even though this is move 43.

We have to take down the ceiling fans we had to put up due to lack of adequate air flow and the fact that the standing fans we had were broken in the previous move. That also costs.

Plus packing, preparing for Pesach and on the other end we will have to unpack and get settled.

So this move is expensive and with the nose dive my income has taken in the last 2 years, I simply do not have the means to move. I called two Poskim, rabbis who answer questions regarding Torah law and they both said I am permitted to ask for help. Since crowd fundraising has become popular and I have no-one to ask, my only hope is to put it into a crowd fundraiser and pray that someone out there will have compassion and help us.

Other ways you can help:
- Visit our online store and purchase anything you see there at full price.
- Purchase our checklist on how to find a mover. It's only $7.
- Visit my website and become a member. Once the move is over I have plans to bring out a range of videos that gives tips to women in the role of wife and mother. These videos will be available only to paid members of the site.
- Join us on Patreon and become a Patron. Every dollar makes a difference.
- Purchase one of our books. We have four books out plus books of my mothers. You will find them in our online store or search for them on amazon. 

Thank you for caring for those who do.

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