Thursday, 17 November 2016

Finding a Solution to a Frustrating Problem

Yesterday I had an experience that reminded me why I wrote my book that has just come out. I thought I was being so productive in going into a library that specializes in large print and audio books for the visually impaired. I mentioned that I had just brought out a book to promote my profession of occupational therapy and asked if I were to convert the book to audio or bring out the book with large print if they would be interested in a copy. The question turned into at least 5 min and probably more like 10 minutes of questions being asked about what the book was about and what I do. I was asked if I had even worked in the profession. My answer, "yes, the largest section of my book draws on my work experience to illustrate the wonderful profession of OT."

"Why did I include so much of my work history?"
My answer: "Well one reason was to prove that I most certainly have worked in OT and yes, even here in Israel."

"Really, well then why do you need a book? Why aren't you just working in the profession?" they asked.

That's an interesting way to receive an author. To answer her question, " in order to work with our clients, they need to know what we offer and why they might need OT intervention. Writing a book that is now in print offers the opportunity for potential clients to understand what OT is and this empowers them to request a referral in the event that their doctor has not referred when necessary."

The conversation continued a bit, going off track and becoming frustrating but the last question blew me away. One of the librarians asked: "Did you study anything dear?"

Oh dear! Even with showing the cover of my book and letting them know I have written a book to promote my profession and that I have 25 years working experience, the whole conversation came down to did I study anything. I realized that the time given and questions answered had not made much of a difference. The one major lesson I learned was that yes, there is need for the general public to gain understanding, appreciation and recognition. I also learned how invaluable the teaching from OT is that a person can not be healthy in the absence of meaningful occupational therapy. 

It never ceases to amaze me how many encounters I have in Israel where I am told to do something other than what I do. As the image above shows, "Do what you love."

I wrote a book about occupational therapy because I love the profession and I want others to find out why that is."

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