Sunday, 26 February 2012

How do you respond to someone or something NEW?

What are your thoughts of starting something new? What are your thoughts of someone who is new to the photography world. What are your thoughts of someone new to taking care of children or new to teaching a group of moms any skill related to being a mom. Or what is your idea of someone new to planting a tree, new to building a house. What skills will you support. Will you give someone a chance when they are new to a job, idea, book, publicaiton ...?

It's an interesting role being an Oleh Chadash or Olah Chadashah. Since you are a new immigrant, anything you do in Israel will be new. So how will you respond if someone says, "New? No come back when you have experience or multiple copies to show or years of ..."

Do you remember that once upon a time you were a little baby? How would you feel if the nurses, doctors, midwives etc said "New? Take it away, we will clean it, measure it, weigh it, take care of it when it is a year old and used to this world."

How about your first trip to the doctor or the Tipat Chalav. Does not matter if you are the new mom or the new baby. What would happen if the staff said "NEW? Bah, come back at your second or fourth or maybe your tenth visit."

How about yoru first day at kindergarten, pre-school, Chader or Gan. How would you respond as the new parent of this new child / toddller to the facility. How would you feel if the teacher or rebbe looked at the new parent and new young child and said "NEW? Bah, go away and come back when you are used to education."

How about the first day you: write a test, climb a tree, sing a song, write a poem, eat a sandwich, make a sandwich, go shopping or any other task. There is always a first time for everything.

What kind of person are you? Are you prepared to give the newbie a chance. After all, the tables can turn at any moment. Now you are a successful businessman being asked to advertise your company, what if tomorrow you end up in the hospital (G-d forbid) and the therapist selling you the adspace is the very one who is the first to greet you in your new role as patient. How will you feel if the therapist now says "NEW? Sorry, we don't treat new patients, why don't you wait till you have been a patient for 6 months or more and then, we will begin your rehabilitation process."

If a Jew comes knocking on your door and you have the ability to assist, don't wait. It does not matter if it is a new baby, new toddler, new child at school, new Bar Mitzvah boy, new Chatan or Kallah or new immigrant. Everyone is new sometime. So give your fellow Jew a chance and together let us build Eretz Yisrael. 

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