Monday, 1 December 2014

PepperSpray for Civilians

Everyone reacts differently when tragedy hits. Some read every news article that comes out, share and comment on each article. Some turn to prayer. Some encourages others to increase in prayer or acts of loving kindness. One former lone soldier come up with a practical solution to help to save as many as possible. 

The day after the attack in Har Nof, he began a Crowd Fundraising campaign to provide Pepper Spray to civilians in Israel. So far he has succeeded in completing two orders, and is hoping to do a third order and more if the donations allow it.

With a goal of distributing pepper spray to 1000 civilians. Of course, there are many many more who need this than just 1000. Please help him to go far beyond his goal.How about making this so successful that every civilian can have his or her own pepper spray. Why not, since he has been kind enough to begin this campaign, please show your support and help it to succeed.

Please visit the campaign and help to both spread the word and make donations. 

Thank you for caring about civilians in Israel.  

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