Sunday, 21 December 2014

Transitions and Decisions in Making Aliyah

Making Aliyah is a tremendous change. There are many transitions that have to be made and much work in order to ensure a successful integration into your new home and community. Where does one begin? How do you know if Israel is right for you?

With most things in life, the best place to begin is by sitting down and deciding what your life goals are. Do you have goals for your life? Have you considered how to set about achieving them?

What are some factors that might help you decide whether moving to Israel would help you to achieve your goals or be moving in a totally different direction?

That would depend in part on what your goals are, if you have set them yet and where you are in the life cycle. If you are single, your goals and needs will be different to whether you are newly married, which will differ to whether you have children and what their ages are or whether you are older than that and nearing retirement.

Do you have responsibilities? This is another big question to ask.

If you are in need of assistance in identifying your life goals or in deciding whether Israel will be a land that helps you meet your life goals, Chessed Ve'Emet can assist you to identify each of these and devise a plan to meet your goals and ease the transition.

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