Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Low Cost Vision Testing Available in Israel

           This image has been provided by Prof. Ariela Gordon-Shaag and
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We recently had the opportunity to benefit from the thorough eye / vision examinations offered by the Department of Optometry at the Hadassah Academic College in Jerusalem. We were so impressed with our experience that we decided to find out a little more information and to share our findings in a blog post for our readers and fellow or potential Olim.

The Department of Optometry has several services that are offered to the community as a service as part of the clinical training that their students undergo. The Head of Department is Professor Ariela Gordon-Shaag who oversees this special program. Students are supervised by the best instructors available in Israel.

The services available to the community are part of an NGO and as such, costs are very low and prices for spectacles or contact lenses are at almost cost price.

The first step is a general intake which is a very thorough examination including obtaining a history and testing both vision and the ability of the persons eyes to work effectively. After this intake, clients are referred to any of the following:

Low Vision Clinic

Vision Therapy

Contact Lenses

Optical Store

Those who are aware they require vision therapy can bring a letter of referral and book an appointment.

Costs involved include:

30 for the family per year for testing
100 for the series of 8-10 sessions of Vision Therapy, per person requiring the vision therapy.
Contact Lenses and Glasses at virtually cost price

There are currently 200 students in the Optometry program. Hadassah Academic College recently added a special program for Observant Jewish women which has increased their numbers.

These services are currently offered in the following languages:

Hebrew, English, French, Russian and Arabic. Please note: Requests for languages  other than Hebrew need to be made at the time of making the appointment.

Should you be in need of a vision test, spectacles, contact lenses, vision therapy or low vision clinic, I highly recommend making an appointment with the Department of  Optometry. They are easily located in Down - Town Jerusalem an easy bus ride via the number 1 bus from Tachena Mercazit, Geulah or the Old City, or the light rail, get off at Jaffa Centre.

To make an appointment simply call the secretary, Gali - 02-6291968. Do make sure to block out 1-2 hours for your evaluation, as the test is very thorough. Your eyes and vision are very important for healthy, daily functioning. If money is an issue, make an appointment with the Department of Optometry and receive the very best of care. Thanks to the kindness of the Hadassah Academic College, cost is no longer an issue when caring for your eyes and the functioning of your eyes.

This post is prepared by
Occupational Therapist
Please Note: This blog post has been proof read and approved by the Head of Department. 

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