Monday, 24 August 2015

Healthcare and the Toshav Chozer - Returning Oleh

Healthcare / medical issues for a returning immigrant Toshav Chozer.

Yesterday it came to my attention that someone who had returned to Israel had run out of important meds for a chronic health condition. His neighbour put out a request asking if anyone has that type of medication to spare. This bothered me for various reasons, so I decided to find out the situation for someone who had made Aliyah and returns after a period of time. In particular I was interested in their rights for healthcare.

From asking in two social networking groups I discovered the following.

- Those who are returning Olim are usually notified prior to returning of the delay in their Kupat Cholim being reactivated.
- It takes anything from 5-8 months for the Kupat Cholim to be reactivated and hence returning Olim need to be prepared, the following solutions were offered if someone has a chronic illness and will be in need of medication.

  - Bring enough meds to carry you through for about 6 - 8 months
  - Bring your prescription with you with sufficient funds to purchase meds from a pharmacy such as   Superfarm in the event that you run out of your chronic medication. 
  - Pay ₪10 000 and your Kupat Cholim will be automatically reactivated. Some of this money might be reimbursed to you at the end of the year.
 - Take out travel insurance to last for 6 months or private health insurance to cover you until your Kupat Cholim is reactivated. It is up to you to figure out whether taking private health insurance or paying the ₪10 000 is more cost effective for you. 
 - There are some Gemachim for medication that might assist but will require a prescription. Meds obtained from them will have to be returned once you obtain your own medication.
 - Remember your health is important and you are the one responsible to take care of your health, especially if you have a chronic health problem. Make sure you find out all the facts and details before moving countries so that you are prepared. 

I hope this post has been helpful for you. If you have a chronic health condition do what is necessary to make sure you have access to the medication you require. 

This post is prepared for you by 
Shoshanah Shear
Occupational Therapist and Healing Facilitator

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