Thursday, 20 August 2015

Progress on the Hebrew Version of our Book


A few months ago, we brought out our first children's book, "Tuvia Finds His Freedom". With all the excitement about our bridal gowns I have almost forgotten the book. Thank goodness my husband has been hard at work behind the scenes. 

Our good friend Dana Baum has done a superb job of translating the book from English into Hebrew. Then came a challenge as to how to add the vowels or Nikud. We looked into many options and purchased a program only to find it did not work quite as advertised. After lots of hard work, many many hours of laboriously adding in the vowels, it is complete.

After adding all the vowels, next came formatting the manuscript to look just like the English one. The cover has been quite a challenge. Since the cover design was done using a template on CreateSpace, we spent time figuring out if it could be reversed at all. Our only solution was to design a new cover which my husband has done using Photoshop.

We are not yet sure if the book will print in the direction we intend it to as required for a Hebrew book. We are waiting for the CreateSpace team to review the manuscript and cover. If it passes their checks we move on to ordering our proof copy.

WOW!! We are much, much closer to having both an English and Hebrew version of the same book. This means that for those of you who would like to help your children improve Hebrew or maintain their English or ensure the level of both languages is on a par, you will have a fun way to do so. Stay tuned for how to purchase a copy of our English "Tuvia Finds His Freedom" AND a copy of the Hebrew "טוביה יוצה לחפשי"

Thank you to Dana Baum and to my husband, Rabbi Eliyahu Shear for an outstanding job in turning this book into a Hebrew equivalent of the English book. I am so looking forward to seeing it in print, hope you will enjoy too.

Shoshanah Shear
Co-Author of Tuvia Finds His Freedom

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