Friday, 2 December 2016

Fact Finding After the Fires

We are doing a little fact finding here, please help as much as you can.

Last week I posted about the real need in Israel for help on many levels. My article: Israel Needs You spoke about the need for prayers, Teshuvah, Tzeddakah to appeal to Hashem for rain and end the fires. Thank G-d a few days later the fires were completely put out and yesterday the rains began. But the needs in Israel continue.

75 000 Residents in Haifa were evacuated from their homes. But Haifa was not the only city affected. The entire town of Beit Meir was evacuated. 15 Homes in Neve Tzuf were destroyed. The list continues. 

Yesterday, I noticed a discussion or debate. Among the concerns was whether second hand clothing would assist and what a country with a weak currency could possibly do to help. I put something out on my FB group and a few other groups asking if anyone know real facts. We'd like to hear actual facts. If you know anyone in Israel who was affected by the fire, please email to let me know what is actually needed. If you know of any organizations who are legitimately helping, please be in touch. We are putting together a list to send to those debating what the need is. Let's put the questions to good and re-build Eretz Yisrael even better than it was before the fire.

We look forward to hearing from you

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