Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Winter 2016

Today we can certainly feel that winter has arrived. Yes we had a little rain twice (I think) since Sukkot, but today one can really feel the cold. The skies are grey, the wind is great and we even had a little hail. 

The Kineret is in URGENT need of rain, so this is really very good news. 

For many, grey skies means the start of SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. Are you affected by the seasons? Have you found anything to help you? Do make sure to exercise and to a eat warm, healthy diet. Make sure to drink sufficient fluids. Remember, a little lemon juice in hot water is a very refreshing drink that is healthy too. 

In Israel we are usually lucky in that the days of grey skies are usually interrupted by lovely blue sunny days. So it usually is not as long or as much of a problem as one would find in the UK for example. 

Stay warm, keep dry and remember, if you are in Jerusalem and other windy areas, your umbrella is most likely to be turned upside down to rather wear a good, waterproof raincoat. 

Have a wonderful winter and keep up those prayers for a good rainfall this winter. Our country needs it.

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