Thursday, 8 December 2016

Progress After the Fires

Almost a week ago, I noticed a discussion about the needs of those who were affected by the fires in Israel. I began to network to find out just exactly what the needs are. One question asked was what organisations are involved and assisting since some outside of Israel prefer to give to a recognised organisation only.

Surprisingly it has been difficult to find out specifics. I have offered a number of people to write a guest post to describe / outline the need but thus far nothing has come through. I have heard of about 4 families who lost their house, completely. However, to be told my friend's house burnt down. they have x number of children of y ages, does not explain their needs. It does not say my friend lost her house. They need x number of beds suitable for adults or children or whatever kind of beds are needed. Or we already have beds but are in need of linen. The more details are known, the more effective help can be.

Someone sent me an article that told of a Holocaust survivor who had lost her house. The story is written up on Arutz Sheva.  It is a little unnerving to hear her say, even losing her house is not nearly as much as what she went through in the Shoar. She has a powerful message to give over at the end, she says the items lost are just things, what is important is to keep strong relationships.

I heard of a number of private crowd fundraisers being set up. They are not by recognised organisations, they seem to be either Jews needing to re-build their homes or other caring Jews trying to raise the money to help in some way. I heard of an appeal being made by JNF, exactly what they will be doing with the funds collected I am not 100% sure of, I just heard of the collection taking place.

I heard of an appeal that had been made for second hand clothes and shoes that received so much they had to stop donations coming in. It was amazing also to hear of Neve Tzuf that had received enough items to begin the homes of 20 families once more, now all they need is monetary donations to re-build the actual homes.

One fact that is clear is that the economy has been hit quite severely. For now, I leave the invitation that if anyone has specific details of what needs have not yet been met, please send in a guest post or make a comment on the end of this blog. In the meantime, I am busily setting up another website. This one will be to sell all kinds of handmade items. These items will be exclusive, unique items with care given to quality service. This is one of several channels we are developing to earn what we need to build our Torah centre. Stay tuned for news as it happens and please support our sales and services. Be a part of building an exciting Torah centre, at the end of the day, increasing in Torah and acts of kindness is the most important activity to be involved in so as to re-build Israel.

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