Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Growth and Development

When moving to Israel, many find themselves in a new or developing area, there are naturally many challenges. Many wont mention prior to your moving in that there might not be telephone lines yet, other necessities, also might take a while to develop. However, if one takes a step back and looks at the progress, it is very exciting to be a part of building the Land of Israel.

The photographs in this post are all by Shear Success Photographers
When we first moved into the area we are currently in, the buildings opposite and next to us were still being completed. The park just opposite was also incomplete.

Here you can see some of the just started buildings and the mounds of earth.
If you look closely, you can see the lamps are not yet on the tops of the lamp posts and there is a fence surrounding this park. The fence was the Eiruv which since has been moved back quite considerably.

Here you can see that the lamp posts now have lamps and there are a few shelters to offer shade for those who wish to sit down.

In the image above you can also see the children's creativity in developing their own maze to play and cycle through.

Here you can see the development of the buildings and the green starting. This green has all been "self-sewn" ie no people had yet introduced any plants here.

During the winter, we even enjoyed the beauty and blessing of snow in the area. As you see, this was a few months prior to some shown already as the shelters were not there yet and the Eiruv was still near our apartment.

In this image you can see some young trees have been planted. A very exciting time, though I am not sure why this was not carried out at Tu B'Shvat time.

Here you can see the laborers planting grass.

Finally the buildings opposite are complete, the trees and grass are complete, now we wait to discover what will be in the center of the park.

Whatever it will be, it is certainly very heartwarming to have a visual reminder that when the Jews inhabit the Land of Israel there is growth and development.

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