Monday, 9 November 2009

Lessons in Kashrut from Arranging an Event

We are in the process of organizing a full day women's event and through this, certain difficulties with Kashrut are being highlighted.

Some hotels, when one asks what the Heksher is, will provide a certificate and the telephone number for the Mashgiach to ask any questions one may have. This is true Kashrut.

Some hotels, when one asks what the Heksher is, will say, "We write Kosher on the receipt". Saying on the receipt that the food was Kosher is not enough. There must be a Kosher certificate that is valid from a reputable Kashrut Organization. We also recommend that you speak to the mashgiach or at the very least have the ability to in the event you have Kashrut questions.

If you arrange a function or have relatives that come in from out of town, make sure that the hotel or venue is in fact Kosher. This might be Israel, but don't presume the food is all Kosher or a good standard of Kashrut.

As with everything in Israel, ask, ask and ask again.

If you are interested in our 1 day event for women, please take a look at our other blog.

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