Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Need Employment? Enjoy Photography? Become a Professional Stock Photographer

You may have noticed that our blog is all about helping new Olim in a variety of ways.

Most importantly we want to see every single Oleh with an appropriate and acceptable Parnassah (livelihood.) There is no reason whatsoever for any Jew to leave Israel on account of Parnassah problems. However, many people find it difficult to obtain a proper job or find work. They may forget that everybody is able to make a living by themselves even without a formal 7am-8pm job six and a half days a week. In fact, very often life in Israel demands that one begin to use one's personal skills in different ways to earn a living. Relying on a job situation - that often fails to pay one's salary for months on end can end up costing one a lot more than one might think.

For this reason, we are opening up the channels and offering Olim a unique course giving them the ability to earn a livelihood by themselves. The great thing is that if they enjoy photography - they'll also be able to enjoy making a living - be creative and have fun!

Here's our offer to you. If it measures up to what you may enjoy doing, we would be delighted to help give you the tools to become more involved in using photography as a way to earn a living in Israel - and all around the world:

Do you enjoy nature and people? Do you want to learn how to use your digital camera and use it to make money?! 

If you enjoy photography and are looking for the edge in being able to photograph a quality image and be able to actually make some money from it, you'll enjoy our forthcoming course!

Course includes:
  • An afternoon out in nature where you'll get to learn how to use your digital camera, become aware of composition, exposure, focus and light.
  • An evening together where we will be critiquing each other's images with a view to understanding what makes a quality stock (and other) image.
  • A few hours together learning about some basic photo editing techniques. How to make your image sparkle a little more after it's been taken.
  • A few hours devoted to understanding how the stock photo sites work, which are best for you, how you can submit your images, and actually earn income from them.
  • A few hours devoted to feedback as we get to understand why your images were accepted – or why they were not.

You can turn your hobby into a profession and limit your income only by the lack of your own initiative.

This is a professional course being offered to serious students only. Ideally suited for beginner and intermediate level photographers.

For further info on costs and dates, please contact Eliyahu of Shear Success Photographers.

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