Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Networking - Making it Happen for Yourself

Coming from South Africa, my posts may tend to be biased in the direction of helping SA Olim, though I believe that the principles involved are the same for everyone. Personally, I am always happy to hear from other Olim wanting to learn the ropes a little better – and if they feel that a service we are offering to South Africans can benefit them as well, we can certainly talk about accommodating their needs too. There are of course major organisations helping those from the USA and Canada etc.  It's just that the personal touch never hurt anyone!

We have three amazing platforms set up for South Africans who have already made Aliyah. These platforms are available to those who have not yet made Aliyah as well, and they are welcome to get started with all of them. They include this blog, a Yahoo group and a much fuller network platform to express themselves on much more further.

But so what?! There are many who are seeking some assistance. Much like a person drowning in the sea and the lifeguard throws a lifejacket into the water and the person continues to shout out for help. Of course, if he's not prepared to grab the lifejacket in front of him, he's not going to be saved, no matter how much he shouts out about his difficult predicament.

Making it happen is about the real effort necessary by each one of us in reaching out to where that lifejacket is located at that point of time. Each of us is in fact a lifejacket for another in some way or another. That is the greatest advantage of networking. There are plumbers and electricians, doctors, lawyers and accountants. There are millions of skills available to each of us. When we see what we can offer others – and let them know about it, and when we reach out letting others know what we need – we stand a greater chance of getting what will help us both in the end.

Our Ning is growing – thank G-d! And our Yahoo group is moving forwards too. If you are a South African and you're still struggling to settle in Israel – is there something you are missing? Something that can make the difference of you making it here? Do you have a skill to offer that others don't yet know about? Do you need a loan or some other assistance? Perhaps you need a car?! Do you need help with Bitach Leumi or your Kupat Cholim? Are you having a difficulty with some aspect of the law? If you are, and you have not yet taken a part in our networking opportunities – then you're missing out.

These platforms are there as lifejackets for us all. There's no need to feel shy. For those who feel they can't bring themselves to let others know about their personal situations, we would be happy to undertake to act as a go-between in letting others know of your difficulty – with the hope of finding a caring soul out there who can help. Of course, everything comes from G-d… but being in touch with people who will formally hand over the help we actually need in a natural way is what is going to make things actually happen in this physical world.

This blog is just as much your platform as it is ours. If you have a story to share to inspire others, or it's a story that explains your struggle, use it as a way to let others know the truth and what is needed. Already one person has shared his own story and struggle in Israel. In it he teaches us that there is a lack of mutual assistance. We learn that things don't simply flow in Israel. But he also teaches us that it's worth living here because the blessings far outweigh these difficulties. Nevertheless, there's no need to finding oneself in a suffering situation – or a situation that makes one consider returning to one's "home country". Indeed Israel should always be the home country – home base, and nothing should have to interfere or stop one living here – ever.

So, what do you have to offer – and are you prepared to?! Are you really prepared to give of yourself in helping someone else? If so, don't waste another moment – tell us about it! Are you prepared to make yourself a little vulnerable if it means the chances of success will be that much greater? There's never a need for embarrassment – and this is to be avoided at all costs. But what we do need is the lively and creative interaction of all those wanting to benefit their fellow Jew in Israel.

What can you offer? What do you still need?

We want to hear from you. We want to share this with others. We want to reach out to those who care enough to help us all make a success of our Klita (absorption) into Israel.

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