Thursday, 12 February 2015

Winter Storm

The weather this winter has been quite unusual. A few weeks ago we posted about a snow storm that was expected. We prepared in advance and awaited the snow. And we waited and we waited and we waited.

Yes we had some good hail and yes it progressed to be a little snow. But the snow fell just as we lit our Shabbat candles and melted before Havdala. Sadly, there are no photographs to show for the snow storm that was supposed to be or the little snow that was.

This week we were again warned of a storm that would end in snow, possibly on Thursday, which is today, and definitely on the weekend. 

Instead of the heavy rains, we have had strong sand storms. The light is different, the air is different and many in Israel have been suffering. Sadly, a trip to hospital for some has not even enabled them to receive the necessary treatment as the hospitals are currently full to overflowing.

The temperatures have dropped but there is no sign of snow, at least not where we are. I read on the news that there is snow on Mount Hermon. Will it snow in and around Jerusalem? As an Israeli mentioned to me today, I'll believe it will snow when I see it with my own eyes.

One thing is interesting though, in previous years, the chance of snow has been mentioned once in a winter. Twice is quite something. Definitely there are changes in the weather taking place.

Wherever you are, whatever the weather, stay warm, stay dry and have a blessed day.

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