Thursday, 31 March 2016

Four Lessons Learned from Apartment Hunting

As mentioned in a previous post, we are apartment hunting. Yes, I'm doing the morning walk to de-stress and yes I'm putting in lots of effort, but so far just not finding what we need. As you will see on my crowd fundraiser, I have moved far too many times. How did that happen, many ask? Well the simple answer is I really just don't know. Yes I have some answers, but nothing good enough. 

This move I am finding particularly difficult. I'm trying hard to turn it to good some how, so I decided to blog about some interesting things or facts we have noticed, lessons learned and anything else I think of along the process. My first lesson for today is "do not let anyone tell you that there is no money in Israel!" Gosh are there some apartments that display huge money here!! Not very practical apartments and no consideration of access and some basics like cost of heating the apartment in winter, but yes, there most certainly is money in Israel. I wish I could have taken some photographs of apartments I have seen. I am not sure if I would be permitted to put them up online, but money there is in Israel.

Next lesson learned is that taxi drivers in Israel can be kind, caring and take a special interest in those they drive from place to place. The apartment we went to today we had a time limit and were not sure how to get there, so we took a taxi. I am very grateful to have had such a kind person drive us where we needed to go, point out areas we were passing on the way, try to cheer us up with a joke or two along the way. Yes, some Israeli taxi drivers are kind, friendly and caring. Makes one proud to be in Israel when you meet good people like we did today.

Architecture in Israel is rather interesting. I do not understand the ways in which space is wasted, safety is disregarded and details such as growing mold is ignored. What will it take for Israel to understand that environmental factors have an impact on health. It should actually be something that Israel teaches to others as one example given of the relationship between health and environment is where the problem of Tzara'at, often called leprosy, spreads to the house. In this case the environment has been negatively impacted on by an unhealthy habit, however the environment has an impact on health too.

Along the lines of architecture or interiors, it is amazing to see how many waste space where one can put bookshelves. Wall space is taken up with radiators in bizarre places and often that don't work. Electric sockets waste a whole wall. Walls can also be shortened from renovations under a roof. It's really sad to realize that so many obviously are not putting books in their home as a priority. We were brought out of Egypt in order to receive the Torah and be lead to Eretz Yisrael in which to fulfill Torah and Mitzvos. In order to do so we need books, many books. So how does one find apartments in the Holy land of Israel that can not fit full bookshelves or many full bookshelves. None of the apartments we saw either today or yesterday could fit bookshelves with ease. 

Well, I guess I am learning about life in Israel through my apartment search. Stay tuned for the next post regarding the lessons I have learned from apartment hunting and moving. Not sure what area we will look into next. 

Have a blessed day and remember, there is money and there are really interesting apartments in Israel. There are also duplexes, villas and more. 

Shoshanah Shear

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