Monday, 28 March 2016

Do Apartments with Double Sinks Exist in Israel?

 We are busy moving and one criteria we have for an apartment is 2 sinks. It makes keeping Kosher so much easier. Amazingly, a few estate agents tell us that 2 sinks in Israel is something that is impossible to find.
 Well, I decided that looking on a site such as, especially for those listings that include photographs, I'd make a note of whether 2 sinks are possible or impossible to find in Israel. 

 The images found in this post are just the first 5 that came up when typing in my criteria in Yad2. 

 Hm, it looks to me like keeping Kosher with 2 sinks is a possibility. Yay for the listings that include images.

So if Kashrut is important to you and you are searching for an apartment with 2 sinks, rest assured it most definitely is possible and don't let an estate agent force you to settle for your second sink being some make shift effort on your Mirpset or for you to pay to install a second one. Why should you when the images here prove that 2 sinks are a reality here. 

Happy apartment hunting. May you find the perfect apartment for you and have a successful Klita (absorption) to Israel. 

Shoshanah Shear

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