Sunday, 23 April 2017

Accessibility at the Botanical Gardens in Jerusalem

I'm having some difficulty deciding what order to post these photographs. Both of them tell an important message.

I hope you enjoyed your Pesach. During Chol HaMoed we had a wonderful time exploring some of the nature in Jerusalem. Our first trip was to the Botanical Gardens. What a beautiful place! We very much enjoyed the variety of plants, landscaping and the contrast of different sections.

Being an occupational therapist, one detail struck me and that is the accessibility ramps for those who find walking difficult. The above image illustrates one of very many ramps provided to enable anyone with a stroller or in a wheelchair or walking with a walking frame to be able to enjoy the Botanical Gardens too. 

When we were leaving, we noticed the sign found in the image at the start of this post. The sign states in both Hebrew and English "The accessibility ramp was made possible by an anonymous donation". I was so impressed and touched to read this. Firstly, not everyone understands the need for an accessibility ramp let alone wishing to make it a reality by providing for the expense to build it. Secondly the fact that the person made an anonymous donation shows that their intention was to assist those who will benefit from the accessibility ramp and not in order to gain any glory for themselves. I was so touched to read this notice. It definitely added a very positive flavour to the already wonderful trip.

Have you visited the Botanical Gardens in Jerusalem? If not, make the time to spend a good few hours there. There are many ramps so accessibility can not be your reason for not visiting. 

Enjoy and let us know what your favourite section was or what you enjoyed the most about your visit.

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