Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Sharing a Little of the Beauty of Jerusalem

As mentioned in a previous post, we recently moved. Many took advantage of our needing to move to try to persuade us to leave Jerusalem and probably Israel too. Some people say I am rather stubborn and this is a situation where I admit that. The negative comments just made me want to remain in Jerusalem even more.

To help me with the move, I took on a temporary job located in Har Choma. Now this area is mostly large buildings of various kinds of businesses. But when I got off the bus each morning and began to cross the street to walk to walk, the image above shows some of the view I would see. Isn't it beautiful?

About 5 minutes walk away, I would arrive at the building where the call centre was located. Take a look at a snippet of how beautiful the entrance is. How wonderful to arrive at work and rest ones eyes on a splash of colour.

Working in a call centre is not the easiest work. Some of what makes it hard is having to sit at a small cubicle to make calls for 5 hours, with just a 20 minute break. Yes, I am an occupational therapist, and OT teaches us to get up every 40-45 minutes to stand or walk around in order to take care of our backs. Well, I followed what my profession teaches. And so, every 40-45 minutes I would find a reason to have to walk somewhere. It's not so difficult to do. Save up those questions to ask a supervisor or go and get a drink of water. There are many legitimate reasons to have to get up.

And if I did not find something, I stood up and made my calls while standing. The result? Well, I got to look out of the window. Although I could not take a photo of the view so easily, I was asked to do a few errands after work and the image above is the view seen when running one of these errands.

With the beauty of Jerusalem, how can anyone consider leaving here? Instead we are putting our focus into using our skills to build our own centre. You can follow along with what we are doing on our You Tube Channels and our websites and on-line store.

If you like the photographs in this blog post, please consider purchasing a photograph or photographic gift or other creative product from our on-line store. Your purchase will help us to continue to improve the website, develop more products. As our sales increase, our goal is to empower widows and orphans. The needs of widows and orphans are real and many. Join us in easing their lives and improving their quality of life.

Thank you for visiting our blog. Do come again. Before you go, please share in the comments below, one thing that you love about Jerusalem.

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