Friday, 23 October 2009

Tonight and the Rambam

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Tonight, 6 Mar Cheshvan which falls this year 5770 on Shabbat, is the anniversary of the Rambam arriving in Yerushalayim in the year 4926. He merited to pray in Yerushalayim, presumably at the Kotel and fixed this day as a Yom Tov for him.

Since Shabbat is fast approaching, we will have to leave writing an article about Rambam and Israel for another post.

However, it is an important day, so why not light a candle, prior to lighting Shabbat Candles, in the merit of the Rambam and his brief journey to Israel.

Who was the Rambam? The Rambam, Rav Moshe ben Maimon otherwise known as Maimonedes, was born in Spain. He and his family (his parents and brother) fled from Spain to North Africa and then came to Israel for a very brief time. From Acco, he went down to Egypt.

We will mention more about the Rambam in further posts. The Rambam is burried in Tiveria, this being a story in and of itself.

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