Thursday, 22 October 2009

What's That Music? Where Is It Coming From?

Israel is an interesting place in so many ways. Yes, the title is accurate. What is that music? Which music you may well ask? The music that sounds like nursery rhymes, happy birthday and sometimes other songs not quite suitable to a Jewish Land.

Where does it come from?

No, I have not gone crazy. In various areas at certain times of the day, you will hear what is very literally the music of nursery rhymes, yes even happy birthday. Never the words, just the music.

At first I thought it was an ice cream van like I had seen near the parks in summer in London. But I could not find the van. After some time I figured out the music is instead of a bell at the schools to indicate some break time.

I don't know why that kind of music is used. Perhaps they want the Olim to feel a little at home. Often I wonder whether those who play the music realize what they are playing. The amusing part is that the more religious the area, the more secular the music is.

Takes someone having lived outside of Israel to recognize the music. Yes it is an adjustment. It seems to be the school bell. Why, I don't know. But I hope now you will understand what the strange music is that plays for a few seconds or minutes at regular intervals during the day.

Personally I look forward to hearing a Niggun or music appropriate to a Jewish State. For now, at times I find myself singing the words to an old nursery rhyme, wondering why I am singing this when I would not want to teach it to my kids.

There are times that good tunes are used, which is always a joy. Music like the start of "It's a world of laughter a world of..." then the music will stop and you are left to fill in the rest.

Welcome to Israel. There are many areas still to work on in building or re-building the real Israel. So if you know anything about music. Come and educate the Ministry of Education or schools or whoever puts out this music as to appropriate music to use.

In the meantime, may it somehow bring a smile to your heart as you go through your day.

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