Monday, 30 August 2010

How to Change your Tris (Shutters) in Israel - a Practical Photographic Guide

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Our previous post about Trisim spoke about the ins and outs of Israeli shutters, and how the Tris works. This post details with photographs – step by step, the exact procedure necessary to actually fix the Tris.

Here's how to do it:


  1. hi im not a subscriber to this site i was looking for some info on google and your site came up so i gave it a look. by the way these shutters look great-up to date-(mine are older than israel itself i think) thus the reason for my search-i wanted to know the process of taking out the shutters completly and replacing them with a frame/screens/and storm window? ive contracted a professional worker to come in(my first renovation)and i just want to know the process to know that its being done right and i wont be unhappy with the results-its being done on my porch area(where my washing machine is)so if you can give me any info i would appreciate it greatly-i have a week to find out everything i can before he comes-thank you! anonymouos in Tsefat



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