Monday, 18 July 2016

Sharing, Planning and Listening to Our Readers

We have been so busy with our move, unpacking, trying to get sorted, dealing with the consequences of a dreadful move, getting to know the new neighbourhood etc, that I am totally out of ideas of what to blog about. So here it is, another post. This one doesn't have a tip or guidance. This post shares what we have been up to and provides an offer for you. 

Firstly, what's happening on our end. Well, as you might know if you have visited this blog before, we moved. We are very blessed to have returned to Yerushalayim. However, aside from the challenges of the move, coming to an area we have not lived in before, it's almost like making Aliyah all over again. It takes work and networking to figure out the most suitable Shul and community. Discover the necessities such as healthcare, post office, stores most suitable for us and of course finding out how to get to know others in our area. All of this is the type of effort one has to go through when coming to Israel to begin with. All I can say is it helps so much that we already know Hebrew. It helps so much that we know some basics. It helps a HUGE amount that we have learned to fight for what we need.

Just the other day we received a phone call from the post office to let us know that our few months of having our mail re-directed is up and if we would like an extension it's time to start paying. This was just one of our many challenges. Since they had not re-directed anything in the few months, I did not see any purpose in paying. A few days of phoning and negotiating later and we managed to discover where the error was and to obtain a few months free re-directing of our mail. Of course, we wait to see what will transpire next, but persevering and going after your needs is the name of the game in Israel. A good dose of Tefillah helps a lot too.

So we've been doing our networking and our sorting and getting organized. We tried to do some moving sales and now some post moving sales. We have a few items still to sell from the post moving sale. Then begins the fun stuff. Moving on to some creativity, a few books coming out and quite a bit of planning happening.

So now that you know what we have been up to, we invite you to post a comment below to let us know what your needs are. What would you like to read about? Would you like to receive a regular newsletter? If so, what topics related to Making Aliyah and Having a Successful Klita are of interest to YOU? We'd love to hear from you. It will help us a great deal to plan our next few blog posts and to find out how to serve our readers better.

We look forward to hearing what your needs are.

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