Sunday, 15 March 2015

What Can One Do With Coins?

Someone asked what he can do with all the small change that builds up. Since we manage a Gemach and are at times given a bag or jar of coins, we have had a bit of fun finding out this answer.

Here are the responses we have been given.


You can prepare your coins into bags of e.g. ₪10 worth of 10 agarot coins and take them to deposit into your bank account or to be changed into larger denominations of coins. The bank has patience for ₪10 coins or possible 5's, but for 10 and 50 agarot coins we were informed that there is a service charge. How much will depend on your bank.

Post Offices:

You can pay off postage in coins at post offices but if you wish to change coins for larger denominations, there is a service charge. Make sure if you are paying for something in small coins to only do 1-3 Shekels worth at a time. If you try to do more, they mostly lose patience. Also, try to do this when there are not many other customers as they get impatient waiting while your coins are counted.

Money Changers:

If you have ₪10 worth of smaller coins to change provided some coins are 1 Shekels or 50 agarot coins, they might change it. But not if they are all 10 agarot coins. Mostly, they lose patience.


The pharmacy near us is almost always out of small change and very happy when we go in with pre-counted and packaged bags of coins. Check with them how much they will take at a time and only do this when there are no other customers as it takes time to count out.


Some stores are very happy to receive small change. Check with the stores in your area and find out what day of the week they would be happy to change your small change for larger money.

Bus tickets:

Bus drivers tend to be in a hurry. Mostly they don't have patience for someone paying with small money or with ₪200 note. If you use 10 agarot coins, use just 1 Shekel worth or less.

If you swap your small coins for larger money in a jar and keep using it, actually you will be surprised how easy it is to find 50 agarot worth of 10 agarot coins here, a Shekel worth there and so on.

IF you are really frustrated with your small change, many Gemachim will accept them. You are welcome to be in touch, with another Kallah coming to Chuppah, all donations are greatly appreciated even in small coins. 

What to do with 5 agarot coins is a topic we have already covered.

We hope this post has been beneficial for you. If you have further questions or have any thoughts, please post them below. 

This post is prepared for you by Shoshanah Shear of Chessed Ve'Emet

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