Sunday, 25 October 2015

Clock Change

Have you changed your clock? Have you figured out how this time change works?

If you make Aliyah from a country that does not do day light saving, the concept of changing your clock will be a foreign one. I have had to do this for quite a number of years now and still can not fathom why we have to alter our clocks. Why can't we just leave time to proceed as it does. But people being people interfere with even human devices such as how to quantify the time.

Early this morning, the clocks moved back so that 2 am became 1 am which it actually had been all along. 

Do you have a funny story to tell regarding changing the clock, how to know when the time changes etc? I know I had a hard experience twice due to clock changes. I hope your experience has been easier.

It takes a bit of getting used to and our bodies never quite adjust, but Israel joined the countries that do day light saving. So make sure your clocks, watches, phones etc are all on the correct time.

Have a blessed day

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