Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Destressing the Chocolate Way

There's never a dull moment in Israel and today we decided to be part of the crowd in a fun competition taking place. The company "Elite" that makes yummy chocolates (amongst a few other products such as coffee) has a fun competition on the go. Purchase a slab or chocolate of their Origamoo range or אוריגמו. You can select the design of the paper from a few different wrappers and then the fun begins. Carefully remove the whole wrapper and follow the instructions on youtube for how to make up an Elite cow. 

The instructions are all in Hebrew so you get to practice your reading in Hebrew. They give some nice encouragement along the way too.

Take a photograph and share it on FB along with a tag that Elite requests and you now become part of the "Elite club". 

It's a fun way to de-stress from all that is happening in the world and to feel apart of the larger group of chocolate lovers in Israel. Of course, if you have managed to obtain a wrapper and gone through the process of making an Origami cow, you can now sit back and enjoy the yummy chocolate too.

Those entering have been really creative with their photographs, you'll have to visit the page on FB to find out. The images in this post are two of the ones we took after making our origami cows. Aside from the fun and de-stressing, there is another bonus, you stand in line to win an iPhone. 

Have a blessed day and stay warm as Israel prepares for another storm.

Shoshanah Shear

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