Thursday, 14 January 2016

Personalised Aliyah Support and Assistance For You!

Are you making Aliyah? Have you just arrived in Eretz Yisrael?

Are you having difficulty understanding the various letters, documents, accounts etc. that come in the mail - all in Hebrew? Are you overwhelmed with the details to be organized and sorted out when you make Aliyah and when you arrive in Eretz Yisrael? Do you need more assistance than you feel you are receiving from your Aliyah counselor / Shaliach or coach? Did you know that you are not the only one feeling overwhelmed?
Is the thought of all that has to be taken care of once you arrive keeping you from making Aliyah?

No need to despair! No need to feel alone! Did you know that we offer a personalized service to assist you with your Aliyah process? If you are a native English speaker, here is what we offer you:
  • Before making Aliyah, we can assist you with preparation. This is done through a consultation via Skype with webcam. We are here for you - to answer all your questions and brief you with vital day to day living and tasks in Israel (including all items listed below)
  • Regular telephone / email correspondence, even before you arrive, while you go through the process
  • Assistance to understand the mail that you receive in Hebrew
  • Assistance in basic computer / administrative tasks
  • Choosing a cell phone plan and opening your account for you
  • Choosing your internet provider and opening your account for you
  • Choosing your bank and being with you when you open your account
  • Assisting you set up your internet banking, showing you how it works and teaching you how to do it yourself. (Further personal assistance available if required at times convenient to you)
  • Choosing your Kupat Cholim (medical aid system) and getting to understand the system
  • Assistance with shopping and costing of items (helping you economize your shopping list)
We can assist you to complete all the myriad of tasks that are so crucial but can be very overwhelming when coming to a new country, and especially when that new country means having to navigate the system in a foreign language.

Advantages to our service include:
  • Personal service according to your unique needs
  • Service from a couple who have been through the struggles that you may find yourself in
  • Advice is real, no propaganda.
  • We'll hold your hand through the process - you are really no longer alone!
  • If you are elderly, have special needs, a disability or have a child or family member with a special need, we can help you too.
Please note: We specialise and focus in the Jerusalem area.
We'd love to help you make a success of your Aliyah. Please email us for a quote and for more info. 

Eliyahu and Shoshanah

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