Thursday, 4 August 2016

Why I Want to Live in Israel - Guest Post

Those who already live in Israel, know well the Brachah (blessing) of being able to be here. There's just something about it. Well of course... this is the Land that was promised to our forefathers Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov. It entailed an entire story of Bnei Yisrael (the Children of Israel) having to be taken down to Egypt, then redeemed by Moshe and finally brought through the Wilderness over a 40 year journey until they were taken into the Land itself by Yehoshua the son of Nun. It's where every Jew should be. That was the plan! After hundreds of years of living in the Land, having gone through two Temples lasting 410 and 420 years, we were exiled - and so the history of the Jewish people continued in the diaspora. Our focus must be on getting back into the Land again! It's special - because such has the Creator made it so - and wanted us to be a part of it.

For some, the desire to live here remains a dream. They may lack the financial resources to make it a reality or other reasons may apply. Financial considerations should not have to take away from the opportunity to live here. The world is filled with wealth. Not all organisations who offer assistance are prepared to back those who lack the means, however, to be able to make their wish of living here a reality.

"Welcoming Olim" has shared posts on how to make a success of some of the practical details of living in Israel. In addition, our team are also here for you for the practical day to day activities when you come here. If it's setting up your bank account, your telephone or Internet services, your Bitauch Leumi (national insurance) or Kupat Cholim (medical aid) or any of the other daunting tasks - were happy to assist you practically in getting through these giant hurdles - to begin to be settled here! It's a private service and it's not associated with any of the main organisations. We just believe that we have to do whatever we can to make your wish a reality.

Recently, Benjamin contacted us sharing with us his own dream of coming to live here. His story in his own words is below and we ask you to listen with care and see if you have any ideas of how to help. He has a lot to offer, but it's not always easy to just arrive and get work - if you don't already have something planned from before you arrive. It's also not easy once you're getting on in age - and practically, anything above 30 is already considered a stumbling block if you don't have something planned or someone you know to help make it happen for you.

Benjamin wants to make a success, come to Israel, contribute and live in the Holy Land. He's looking for anyone can help him to obtain work or assist in any financial capacity to allow him the ability to arrive and settle in while looking for work.

If you can help Benjamin or know anybody who can assist, please be in touch with us directly at and we will forward your email on to Benjamin. In short, Benjamin is involved in teaching and writing. He'd like to contribute here in any way he can - so whatever other alternatives may be available will also do just fine!

~ Eliyahu
Co-Director Chessed Ve'Emet

Here's what Benjamin has to say about living in Israel:

Living in Israel will enable me to express myself fully as a Jew. Finding work while also keeping shabbos will be easier. I would work very hard to contribute to the Israeli economy and society. Living in Israel would give me pleasure knowing that I am fulfilling a mitzvah. 

I would like to contribute my knowledge of health to help people overcome maladies. I was a teacher. I love to teach English as a second language.
My integration into Israeli society would be smooth since I am a happy-go-lucky person. 

I would be very proud to be a citizen of the Jewish state. I would be eager and optimistic to wake up every day there. My integration into Israeli society would be smooth because I adapt well to different surroundings.

Rabbi Riskin of Efrat said on YouTube, I forgot it was X-mas. No one was in the office when I called the U.S. Isn't that great? Where else can you wake up in the morning and on the opening broadcast of the day hear Shema Yisroel? 

All of me yearns to live, work and breath the air of Israel. I am a hard worker. I feel I can be an asset to Israel simply by working hard and giving my all to better myself and the state because I learned enough Torah to realize it is my home. 

Living in Israel will be a challenge which I am ready for. I don't expect Israel to be a picnic, but Hashem isn't always easy. When I hear Hatikvah, every word resonates with my fiber. I attended Hebrew school as a child in Jersey Cty, N.J. I learned Torah and only spoke Hebrew for six and a half hours a week. I had a great teacher who was a holocaust survivor. I had only one classmate. Those years implanted in me a great appreciation for Israel. I know enough Torah and history along with experience in life to know Israel is where I belong. 
Israeli culture is different than American culture. That's great! I tend to be eclectic in my desire for socialization. I get along with people from all walks of life. The U.S.A. is a great country for opportunity and freedom; but Israel is where I feel energized and I will contribute energy to support the state.

~ Benjamin

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