Monday, 22 August 2016

Beautifying Jerusalem

I was going for a walk in a beautiful park in Jerusalem and noticed over time some of the park benches gradually being beautifies. It's quite a bit of work. Someone has been out and about doing some tapestry type work on the metal park bench. Every one is different and really a lot of fun. 
They look so very happy and lovely to see!

 A few days later, we were out doing errands and took a second look at the sidewalk. There are usually these black metal items that look rather like a row of pawns from a chess set. This row is not the usual black, they have been dressed up. Each with a different hat or head gear.

 Someone has a sense of humour and some time on their hands. 
Either way, it's rather fun to look at and certainly brightens one's day.

 Have you noticed any form of beautifying Yerushalayim in your area? Do let us know or share a pic.

These photographs have been taken by Shoshanah Shear of Shear Success Photographers

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