Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Identifying the Best Experiences After Aliyah

There are times that participating in social networking groups for Olim can be difficult. It is hard to read how many have mostly complaints. I understand struggling, having difficulty adjusting to a new country, needing ideas, input or some guidance. But some spend most of their time complaining and that can be hard.

So I decided to inspire some positive responses and posted a question:
 "What is the best event, thing or experience since you made Aliyah"

Answers are a little slow to come in but it is so wonderful to hear what people love about living in Israel.

Some respond with everything. Everything that has occurred for them since moving to Israel has been the best. A few have said getting married or having their children here. One shared that the sunsets are the best in Israel. One inspiring answer came from someone who said that becoming an Officer in the IDF was the best thing to happen to him. When asked if he is still in the IDF he responded that was in 1978 and I was delighted to hear that he is still here. 

One beautiful response was "Being able to live a full Jewish life in a Jewish country with Jews all around." I certainly agree with that one!

For one, getting off the plane was the best thing to happen. For another, hearing the siren at the time of Yom HaAtzmaut shortly after they made Aliyah was the best and most memorable.

One of the best responses was a lady who shared that after 48 years it is not possible to select any one best thing / event. That is certainly encouraging to know that some Olim manage to live here for 48 years. Having a successful absorption into life in Israel certainly is possible. 

These are just a few of the comments shared. I'd like to turn the question to the readers of this blog. What about you? Have you made Aliyah? Do you have a story to share or a best or special experience or moment since making Aliyah? We'd love to hear from you. If your experience was short, do post it in the comments below. If it is longer, please send it in to be posted as a guest post.

I look forward to hearing more special moments after Making Aliyah

Shoshanah Shear

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