Sunday, 30 July 2017

Raffling our Bridal Gowns in Jerusalem

We are in the process of closing our Bridal Gown Gemach. We have 31 gowns left of our 62 bridal gowns. The 2 Tuxedos have already found new homes as have the 8 Simchah gowns that we had. 

For the last 31 gowns, we have decided to hold a raffle. Here is how it will work.

If you would like to begin a bridal gown Gemach or if you would like to add to your bridal gown Gemach or if you have another need for bridal gowns, you may enter this raffle. The bridal gowns are all in Jerusalem and are to be collected in Jerusalem during our office hours of 9 am - 6 pm Sunday - Thursday.

Cost to enter the raffle is ₪50 per entry.
Person entering must be over 18 years old.

Payment is made via our website
A PayPal button can be found on the right hand side of the website about half way down. 

There will be a first, second and third prize as follows:

First Prize: 15 bridal gowns

Second Prize: 10 bridal gowns
Third Prize: 6 bridal gowns

The draw will take place at the end of Tu B'Av provided there are enough entries. There needs to be a minimum of 50 entries to draw. Multiple entries are permitted. 

When entering please send us your contact information and where you intend to use the bridal gowns. Please also confirm that you are over 18.

Here are two images of our gowns. All the gowns are modest but each is different.


Please share this raffle. For other posts about our bridal gown Gemach, please visit these posts:

Bridal Gowns for Sale in Jerusalem
Bridal Gowns for Sale in Jerusalem 2 

Good luck. Terms and Conditions apply.

Terms and Conditions:

Person entering must be 18 years of age and older
The draw will take place on 7 August provided we have 50 entries.
The bridal gowns must be collected by Midday 10th August.
Gowns must be collected during our office hours of 9 am - 6 pm Sunday - Thursday
If we do not receive 50 entries, the money will be refunded and the draw will not take place.

We look forward to receiving your entry and to drawing the prize. 

Shoshanah Shear


  1. Hi,
    Do you still have your gowns? Just saw this now!

  2. Hi Esti

    Yes we still have the gowns. Sadly our raffle did not work. We are selling them in bulk only.

    Are you interested in purchasing them?




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