Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Fast of Gedalia 5776

The past week has been a very strange one here in Israel. A sudden sandstorm the likes of which has not been seen in Israel, at this time of year, for many years. The light turned to orange, the air was think with dust and sand and the heat has been unbearable. We hoped and prayed that by Rosh HaShanah the heat would have decreased a bit. But, this Rosh HaShanah has been extremely hot.

Today is the Fast of Gedalia and since it is a fast day and the heat is still pretty hot, I thought I'd share a nice video to give some food for thought about this time of year and what the fast is about. Sadly many videos I looked at were not what I was looking for.

I started looking for Rosh HaShanah in Israel and found many videos from previous years, still not what I was looking for. I took a break and came back to find a friend had shared a music video. It's not exactly what I wanted but it does stir us to remember the heartache of Yerushalayim and our desire for an end to the tears and suffering.

Today, we remember the murder of Gedalia, the leader of Judah who death resulted in our loss of our autonomy over Israel at the time of the fall of the First Temple. What lead to his death? Why are we fasting? All good questions. If you have any others or any good thoughts, please do post them in the comments below. 

With just a few hours left of the fast I leave you with the beautiful song by Yaakov Shweky - "Cry No More"

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