Wednesday, 9 November 2016

A Visit to our Bridal Gown Gemach by an IDF Soldier

Yesterday we received a phone call from someone interested in our bridal gowns. After a few minutes of our talking in English, she asked if I speak Hebrew, answering yes the only Hebrew I heard was "Hevanti"  - I understand. With her clear American accent and sweet voice, I presumed she must be an Olah Chadashah. The conversation continued ending with our arranging a time for her to come to view the bridal gowns.

To my surprise when I opened the door, the sweet voice was of a young female Israeli in the IDF. Could still be an Olah I suppose. I took an interest in the fact that she is in the army only to learn that the service she has been assigned to is to teach Hebrew. Now that had me really interested! I did not know that our soldiers teach Hebrew. I wanted to find out more but we had a goal here and off we went to view the bridal gowns.

I had a great time with our IDF soldier who teaches Hebrew. To my amusement we spoke only in English and it was special to have another Kallah take interest in the bridal gowns that we have available. As she was leaving I discovered that her parents made Aliyah, her father is American hence her strong American accent, but she was very proud to state that she was born and raised in Israel.

The experience left quite an impression. Firstly, it was good to see that some who are born in Israel are able to speak a fluent English just from speaking English in the home. Secondly, I learned something new about the IDF. Perhaps the ulpan is for those who come into the army without enough Hebrew. Thirdly, it was nice to hear that our Bridal Gown Gemach was once gain top of the list for viewing bridal gowns. Lastly, it was an honour to have one of our soldiers in our Bridal Gown Gemach. It felt really good to be able to give back to someone who spends her time giving to our country.

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