Sunday, 20 November 2016

Enjoying the Beauty of Autumn

Autumn is most definitely here. We feel the cool evenings and the cold mornings. Or is it the other way around? Many of the trees in the area are either ever green or the leaves change colour and drop off almost too quickly for the tree to really be noticed as changing colour. However, there are a few trees that are just glorious to look at.

I love the light streaming through onto our autumn trees in the image above.

This one reminds me so much of a painting I did on silk some years ago of falling autumn leaves. The painting is available for sale if anyone is interested.

The three trees looked so beautiful just a few days ago. This morning when we walked past, the leaves were almost completely gone and the trees? Well just a few twigs really.

It is amazing how the seasons change and so important to take some time out from your busy day to enjoy the beauty of nature. It helps to keep us focused on what life in this land is all about.

Have a wonderful week

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