Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Frustrations of Getting a Cellphone Repaired

I do not remember if we posted a blog about our difficulty in upgrading our phones. We had quite a few issues we had no expected. Bottom line is don't believe the salesman. Well, months later, the cell phone slid out of the expensive cover that is supposed to grip it and prevent falls and fell only 10 cm or less. The lovely, expensive shatterproof protective shield did not shatter. It was amazing, not a scratch. Yes, it is shatterproof. Problem is it does not protect the screen underneath and hence the screen on the phone itself did crack. What did we waste money for on something that did not do the job the only time we needed it to?

Oh well, so the screen cracked and needed repair. Next began a few day hunt for the best way to repair that is affordable, reliable and honest. First we tried in our neighbourhood. A day and a half later we find no-one here can do it. One place charges for a quote and then will take 2 weeks to repair. They presume a repair of around a certain amount but the time it will take and the difficulty to get the phone to them is not easy and we decided to look elsewhere first. Next we find out about a few places in town who can do repairs. We went from place to place. In two days we found places that alter prices amazingly. One place gave a nice initial quote which doubled within a few hours. Another charged something reasonable only to up the price shortly after. On top of this was the frustration of so many who were just not interested in talking to their customers or potential customers. I guess business is so good in sales that they don't need to worry about repairs. 

Finally we were tired and frustrated and left the phone with someone who promised to repair for x price and to call if there was anything found prior to repairing. 

Well no call happened and though he did replace an expensive part the final result is the crack on the screen is still there.

So now we ask, where are the honest stores? Where are the honest repair places? Has technology made us slaves? Or is there still some honest good business?

If you have a good business experience to share, we'd love to post it as a guest post or to here it in the comments below. No SPAM will be accepted but if you can share a good recommendation we need some positive leads to give us hope that there are still good service providers and sales people.

Shoshanah Shear
Chessed Ve'Emet

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