Friday, 13 November 2015

Shalom Aleichem Music Video and Shabbat Shalom

A few weeks ago someone requested that I share Shalom Aleichem as our Shabbat Song video, to be played obviously before Shabbat. I immediately sat down and began to look for a suitable video with the traditional well known Shalom Aleichem. Surprisingly it is not so easy to find. So if any Jewish men out there have a beautiful singing voice and are able to make a music video, please make a video with the classic Shalom Aleichem that many are used to hearing in their home on Friday night after returning home from Shul.

One issue I had was the amount of videos made by women. Yes, women can have beautiful singing voices and musical talent, however, Shalom Aleichem to me is traditionally sung by the men in the house or the father of the house and I was looking for a male voice.

Next, many were made by all kinds of versions of Judaism. I am not prepared to be promoting distortions of truth so those videos were ruled out.

Next came all kinds of musical variations on the tune of Shalom Aleichem. The first video here is very lively and beautiful. It is a little different to one's usual or traditional Shalom Aleichem but it is sung by a choir of Jewish boys and is very enjoyable to help you to get into the mood of Shabbat.

For those who prefer the real traditional tune, here is a video with this for you.It took a lot of searching to find, but here you are. I hope you enjoy it.

Whatever your ideal version of Shalom Aleichem is, the song is sung when one returns home from Shul and is ready to begin Kiddush, HaMotzi and then the Shabbat meal. I hope you enjoyed one or both of the videos shared above and with that, I have Shabbat preparations calling me and needless to say you will too.

Have a very blessed and joyous Shabbat

Shoshanah Shear

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