Thursday, 12 November 2015

The Little Things That Matter

We had to take care of some banking issues this morning. On the one hand there was some frustration, we had to travel to our bank in order to take care of something that could have been taken care of via the telephone. With all the frustration, we had to admit that this business gave us a reason to travel through central Jerusalem and to walk the streets of one of the Holiest cities in the world. As a result, it was certainly not a wasted trip. Every time one walks four Amot in Israel is a Mitzvah. Breathing the air in Jerusalem makes us wise. So we gained from our trip even though the reason for going in was frustrating.

After dealing with the bankers, completing the business at hand, we had an experience that ONLY happens in Israel. The assistant asked if we had managed to receive the help we needed and everything was taken care of. Nice to hear such concern and yes that can happen anywhere, but then he continued with a hearty "Chodesh Tov!" Only in Israel can the bank assistants or the taxi driver, the bus driver, the cashier and others too of course, wish you Chodesh Tov. Where else will you get that? 

So it was that our frustration was abated by the wonder and honour to be in this most special city. To wish a fellow Jew Chodesh Tov in return and then go on to meet a friend, make a delivery. Life in Israel is certainly special and the mundane business gets transformed into merits in wondrous ways. 

When last did you visit Jerusalem? Are you already in Israel or still planning on coming? If you are not yet here, what is holding you back? Come! Where else can your footsteps, your breathing and even doing banking be a blessed and meaningful experience?

Have a blessed day

Shoshanah Shear

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