Thursday, 26 November 2015

Welcome Home From Israel to ALL Jews

Yesterday I posted in a social network group asking if anyone had questions related to making Aliyah. I had little response. One person stated she had so many questions, too many to ask. The next person came up with a link to an article of 10 reasons why not to make Aliyah.

Having moved 42 times in my life so far, lived in 5 different countries, 9 different cities and a whole bunch of neighbourhoods, my response is, there is no place like home. Where is home? Well the video below gives a little insight, or a lot. 

If you are Jewish and considering making Aliyah, Israel is our home. Don't be put off my negative talk or problematic politics or any other issue that might be standing in your way.

We invite you to post your comment or question below. We'd love to hear from you and would be happy to address your issues, concerns, thoughts, ideas in future blog posts. If you have a valuable or inspiring story to share, do be in touch to submit a guest post. 

When it comes to Aliyah, we are all in this together. Together we CAN build up the country that Hashem gave to us! Together we can make it happen. 

Have a blessed day

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