Thursday, 12 May 2016

Yom HaAtzmaut 2016

Yom HaAtzmaut is a different experience when in Israel to what it is like outside. I guess that is to be expected, but like any of the special days in Israel, the whole country comes alive at this time. 

I was waiting at the bus stop and a little down the road noticed the above image. People have fun hanging flags outside their windows in all kinds of sizes and combinations.

The next was a little complicated to capture without a tripod but we did it, even with a camera phone! Many fly the Israeli flag from one or both sides of their car and often on the back of the wing mirrors too. 

Last night the skies lit up with fireworks. Today the skies are alive with various forms of aircraft flying in interesting formations. I'd love to have the tripod and appropriate lens to capture that, perhaps in time.

There is much talk happening in the social media about this day. For some it is a definite Yom Tov almost like Rosh Chodesh. For others the fact that we do not yet have all of our land and do not yet have the Moshiach, is source of sadness and a reminder that we have not yet reached our goal. Either way, celebrating the steps in the process are important too and it is special to see the unity happening in many different ways.

What are your thoughts about Israel and Yom HaAtzmaut? What are you doing today? Are you taking some time to help to build the land? Are you spending some time appreciating the land G-d gave to us? If you are not yet in Israel, does today help you to confirm the importance of living in the land where we as Jews belong?

We'd love to hear how you are spending today. Drop us a note in the comment section.

Have a blessed day. May we merit "Next year in the Re-built Yerushalayim!"

Shoshanah Shear

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