Thursday, 5 May 2016

Two Fans Broken in our Move

The image above shows the remains of our two fans after our move. They used to stand approximately 1.5m  high or more. Obviously they are not as high as that now as there is a piece missing from the middle that has not turned up in any boxes or any of the lose items. If you look closely at the fan in the front of the image you can also see how they broke it resulting in the metal being distorted out of shape. The fans have clearly been broken. Without the middle section, the fans can not work. The metal part on the top also can not function with the way they have broken it.

These fans are BlueStar. We obtained good ones to make sure that we have good ventilation when we have clients or at night when the airflow is not adequate. They cost about NIS 250 each. These are just two of the broken items in need of replacing from our recent move. It might not sound like much but each item lost, broken or damaged adds up, not to mention being overcharged by thousands and having to obtain appliances that we did not have.

You can read more about our move on

Please help us by contributing to our fundraiser in order to replace our food for Pesach, to replace the damaged items, obtain the basic appliances and furniture that every Jewish home requires and cover this unreasonably high moving bill.

Thank you for your kindness

Shoshanah Shear

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